iStock_000020474349_194x307Providing satisfying meal options 24/7

Waypoint partners with some of the largest brands in North America. Through these vital partnerships and our expert insights, we share the most timely and relevant information impacting our partners’ businesses on national and local levels.

Our extensive product knowledge and unparalleled experience helps our partners work more effectively with contract management companies, group purchasing organizations and self-supporting venues. Additionally, we ensure our branded and private-label products meet contractual commitments to optimize all available rebates and offer appetite appeal.

Our manufacturer-branded merchandising concepts, cross-merchandising recipes and best-serving practices help keep offerings fresh and inventories down. These benefits keep employees on site. Our overall resources make our partners’ offerings stand out by providing the following:

  • Timely event planning
  • Persuasive POS materials
  • Informative product demos
  • Creative culinary support

To partner with Waypoint, contact our Non-Commercial Team Leader David Gotta at (704) 665-0979 or at