iStock_000027077165_194x307Offering meal solutions students go for

We guide our partners through market complexities with the latest local and national trends data to help keep students on campus. We provide student feeding/vendor fare updates on new menu ideas. We keep our partners current with local, sustainable information on “farm to fork,” local farming resources and sustainably produced items from leading manufacturers.

With our extensive product knowledge, we’re able to help our partners work more effectively with contract management and self-operating universities. We make certain they get the branded and private-label food products their customers are looking for.

Many partners rely on our easy, practical ideas on cross-merchandising to help keep accurate inventories and fresh offerings. We cover all bases, including on-site staff training pertaining to:

  • Customized menu design
  • Easy-to-prepare recipes
  • Nutritional facts
  • Competitive pricing
  • Latest flavor trends.

To partner with Waypoint, contact our Non-Commercial Leader David Gotta at (704) 665-0979 or at