BudTaylorCharles D. Mascari, Jr. (Chuck)

Executive Vice President – Foodservice Sales

Chuck Mascari, Jr. is the Executive Vice President of Foodservice Sales for Waypoint. Chuck entered the foodservice business working for a family-owned sales and marketing agency (C. Mascari and Associates) in 1991 and held many roles within operations. In the ensuing years, he held positions in sales from operator sales representative to Account Executive until 1997, when he assumed leadership responsibility of managing the Operator Sales Team. During his career with C. Mascari and Associates, Chuck managed the Client Team and Channel teams through 2003 and assumed the President role in 2004.

C. Mascari and Associates along with other successful regional firms formed Waypoint in 2012, where Chuck held the role of Midwest Division President. As the Executive Vice President of Foodservice Sales, his deep knowledge and experience has positioned him well to lead Waypoint’s Foodservice Business Unit for consistent sales growth and exceptional execution. In his new role, Chuck will lead Waypoint’s sales execution for Segments and all Foodservice Sales Divisions. He also serves on the company’s executive team.