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Chef Liz Ziegler

Chef Liz Ziegler
Corporate Executive Chef, West Division and National Lead
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Culinary Institute of America
Hyde Park, NY

“I became intrigued with food when I was old enough to make an over easy egg! I watched Julia Child on PBS who was an advocate for women in the kitchen. At the same time, I found out what a joy it was to feed people and that was it, I was hooked…I found my passion!”

My greatest inspiration: “Julia Child was my inspiration; she empowered women to attend culinary school. When I started working in professional kitchens and throughout culinary school, there were very few women chefs. Now there are many and I’m glad that I persevered.”
Top trends in foodservice: “I love how retro food is back; including deviled eggs, dips and even casseroles! Snacking is now a daypart, global flavors and ethnic spices remain popular (and beyond Asian flavors). Sustainability is still very important.”
My favorite recipe ideation: “Asian Avocado Chicken Sandwich made with a Crispy Chicken Filet topped with Avocado Pulp, Ginger Soy Glaze, Sesame Seeds, Shredded Cabbage and Tomato.”

Chef Jason Hooker
Chef Jason Hooker
Corporate Executive Chef, West Division
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Culinary Gala Board, Ferris State University


“At an early age, I realized the instant gratification of cooking. As I became older, that never left and I discovered the endless creativity involved.”

What I like best about my job: “The culinary resources and breadth of lines.”
Top trends in foodservice: “Smaller portions and simplifying recipes through higher quality ingredients, and hand-held ethnic-themed items.”
The biggest problem I helped solve for a foodservice client: “Training staff to increase profits.”

Chef Miguel Palmieri

Chef Miguel AF Palmieri, CHI, CFE
Corporate Executive Chef, East Division
Memphis, Tennessee
BS Degree in Hotel & Culinary Administration
University of Nevada


“Growing up as a first generation American, I have been very fortunate to have been able to experience many different cultures beginning at a very young age. Having a father, whose parents moved from Italy to Argentina, and a mother who was born and educated in Sweden, there was never a lack of culinary excitement at our home!”

What I like best about my job “Every day is a new experience! The ability to meet so many wonderful people, travel, spend time in the kitchen and help operators create new and exciting menu concepts. It’s the best of everything!”
Why I became a chef: “My original aspiration was Resort Administration, but as my exposure to the culinary arts increased, so did my desire to become a chef. For me, I feel it is the ultimate way to express who I am.”
One of my greatest accomplishments as a chef: “Being chosen by Steve Wynn to be part of his opening team for both The Mirage and Treasure Island in Las Vegas, Nevada!”

Chef Brian Zweigle

Chef Brian Zweigle
Corporate Executive Chef, East Division
Saint Johns, Florida
AA Degree in Culinary Arts, Johnson & Wales
BA Degree in Food & Beverage Management, Florida International University


“I love to eat and I’ve worked all aspects of a restaurant both corporate and private, so I can go into almost any concept and help troubleshoot with extensive background knowledge.”

What I like best about my job “I love helping our customers solve problems whether in the kitchen or with their menu.”
The biggest problem I helped solve for a foodservice client: “Developed an in-house smoked meats program for a client that doesn’t traditionally do barbecue but needed to meet customer demand.”
My favorite dish to cook at home: “Chicken Marsala.”