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  • Menu analysis and development
  • Nutritional analysis
  • Staff training on food handling, equipment utilization, labor optimization and more.

And that’s just the beginning. It’s all on the menu at the Culinary Café.

Chef Liz Ziegler

Chef Liz Ziegler
Corporate Executive Chef, Central Division and National Lead
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Culinary Institute of America

“I am passionate about food. The happiness derived from feeding people is one of my best joys.”

My greatest inspiration: “Julia Child let it be known that it was okay for women to be in foodservice. She was my inspiration and my mentor.”
Top trends in foodservice: “Sustainability is huge, as well as local sourcing and natural ingredients.”
My favorite recipe ideation: “Dessert pizza. It was fun coming up with the ideas and then knowing they were being tested for the restaurant.”

Chef Jason Hooker

Chef Jason Hooker
Corporate Executive Chef, Midwest Division
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Culinary Gala Board, Ferris State University

“At an early age, I realized the instant gratification of cooking. As I became older, that never left and I discovered the endless creativity involved.”

What I like best about my job: “The culinary resources and breadth of lines.”
Top trends in foodservice: “Smaller portions and simplifying recipes through higher quality ingredients, and hand-held ethnic-themed items.”
The biggest problem I helped solve for a foodservice client: “Training staff to increase profits.”

Chef Denis M Picard

Chef Denis M Picard
Corporate Executive Chef, Southeast Division
Tampa, Florida
Culinary Institute of America

“Those that know me would say my favorite ingredient is Grey Goose. I would say butter. Everything is a little better with butter.”

First job in foodservice: “After working in my mom and dad’s restaurant, I worked in healthcare foodservice.”
Favorite cookbook: “What’s a cookbook? Ok, if pressed, I would say Larousse Gastronomique.”
What I like most about my job: “I like the interaction and the ability to offer on-trend, practical products that help support an operator’s success.”