iStock_000032964698_194x307Providing delicious and nutritious meals

Our nationwide coverage allows Waypoint to support multiple healthcare facilities throughout the country. Our healthcare experience includes innovative solutions for hospitals, long-term care centers and senior living facilities. We help our partners provide good-tasting meals that keep guests and staff on the premises. We never lose sight of nutrition and portion considerations of the patients. In addition, we help our partners to be fully compliant with their contract management companies and supported self-operating facilities.

We offer expert healthcare expertise with certified dietitian managers and registered dietitians on staff. Our culinary team can help your chefs meet your operational and healthcare needs with fresh and easy-to-prepare ideas.

A collaborative partnership with us yields effective ways to control your food expenses while improving revenues. Our case studies demonstrate repeated success for our healthcare partners. In addition, our innovative food packaging ideas for kiosks increase customer sales and partner profits.

To partner with Waypoint, contact our Healthcare Team Leader David Gotta at (704) 665-0979 or at