Would people travel again? What will be the fate of hospitality? Will my hotel ever be able to get back to normal? These are the questions that you, as a hotelier, might have been asking yourself for the past few months. It may surprise you to know that despite COVID, whether it’s at a cozy bed & breakfast, luxury five-star resort, homely motel, or an Airbnb rental, most consumers have stayed at a lodging location within the past six months. Most of these guests also obtained food on-site from venues like the free-breakfast bar, room service, and even local delivery.

Many are predicting that the demand for domestic and leisure travel will soon skyrocket and as a hotelier, you’ll have an opportunity to welcome travelers again at your lodging location. At first, people may not venture far from home and will look for hotels and/or alternative accommodations that promote safe, hygienic, and social-distancing environments. Additionally, people will look for trips and stays that ensure entertainment and mental rejuvenation for the whole family after the long lockdown.

According to Datassential, 82% of hotel operators perceive the benefit of offering food and beverage options to guests as a way to improve the guest experience. As a hotelier, it’s crucial for you to understand such post-crisis travel trends and behaviors to win reoccurring business during the post-crisis period. Set yourself apart from the competition by offering food and beverage options that will delight your guests.

In this sample report, you’ll find data and insights around consumers perceptions of lodging venues. Key takeaways from this report are as follows:

  • 84% of consumers ordered a food or beverage item at a lodging venue in the past 6 months
  • 75% of lodging foodservice options are used by non-guests
  • 96% of consumers visited any type of lodging location in the past 6 months
  • 75% of lodging operators regularly update their menus in some capacity
  • 56% of consumers say food and beverage items being too expensive, prevents them from ordering more from a lodging location

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