With changing state guidelines, it’s important for your restaurant to remain flexible as you work to reopen and deliver excellent customer service. Part of being flexible means adapting to supply shortages, learning how to transform the menu based on relevant trends, and getting creative with go-to staples and pantry ingredients already in stock.

As you return to dine-in service, the limited supply and rising costs of some proteins may impact your menu. Technomic’s reported that restaurant operators are dealing with product shortages, mainly in animal protein products. Switching from fresh to frozen is a viable solution to overcoming this challenge. You would not be alone, particularly with beef, with 51% of your fellow operators saying they are likely to make a switch. (source: Technomic’s Take: COVID-19, The Foodservice View)

According to a recent survey conducted by Datassential, when reopening your restaurant, you should be transparent about why you may be out of beef or other meats and be prepared to offer crave-able substitutes.

Upon entering the next phase of COVID-19 recovery, operators say the No. 1 thing that suppliers can do to help is provide product support to address shortages.   At Waypoint, we’re your one-call resource for leading manufacturers.  Our Culinary team has provided easy to execute, product solutions that will help you plan your menu and try product cross-utilization in your operation.